We are proud to announce our having been appointed as agents and representatives for Poleks in Southern Africa.

Poleks started manufacturing machines in 1970 and have consequently now become a world leader in the manufacture of Engine Rebuilding Machines and other machinery. They utilise the latest and most innovative technology combined with best engineering and manufacturing practises. Only the highest quality and engineering standards are maintained.

Cylinder Boring and Surface Milling Machine – with CNC

Model: RM320-CNC

Easily bore very large engine blocks with this machine. It offers and utilises the very latest technology and CNC programming using touch screens for ease of use. This provides a wide range of machining applications providing you with optimum machining results.

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Cylinder Boring and Surface Milling Machine

Model: RM320

This high quality machine will meet all the needs of greater workshops. It has vertical movement of the boring head. The new design includes a machine boring head changer robot handle. With this handle one operator can change the boring head easily.  Also, while surface milling, you can adjust the movement speed on the table automatically as you wish.

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Crankshaft Grinding Machine

Model: KT 1600

The main benefits of this machine are its practical usage, high performance, long life, strength and speed. Hydraulic equipment and a pneumatic system is mounted on the machine. The center movement is in a pneumatic system so to supply speed to the machine and to enable the centers to move practically.

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Hydraulic Milling and Grinding Machine for Engine Block‘s Flat Surfaces

Model: YT 1200

This machine has a hydraulic table with variable speed control. While the table is in operation, you can adjust the table feed speed as you require. The table feed is without vibration at even the lowest speeds. Meanwhile, the table slides on prismatic guides for continuous lubrication.

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Con Rod Boring Machine

Model: KBP 750

This robust machine has a cast iron body base and features electronic adjustable work speeds and traverse speed. The universal table feed can be adjusted by limitation switches and the feed can be performed automatically. Connecting rod holding fixtures can be changed easily.

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