Tooling & Accessories

The below are just a few examples of our wide range. Please contact us for more information.

Dial Bore Gauge for Line Boring Machine

Model: THL-PJ2

Make: THL

Vacuum Tester

Model: AS20-1

Continuous Measuring Gauge


Tool Holder

Model: NWN5100F/5300/BH375F/385F/389F/390F/437F

Make: Newen

Tool Holder

Model: S5100/5300/5700/5710/5731

Make: Serdi

Insert Holder

Model: NWN2000/1/2/3/4/5  S2000/1/2/3/4

Make: Newen & Serdi

Ball Head Seat Cutting Kit

Model: SGM-500/700

Make: Sunnen

Ball Head Seat Cutting Kit .375″ .385″ .437″

Model: SGM500

Make: Sunnen

Ball Head Seat Cutting Kit

Model: BH-375/385/390/473

Make: For various makes

Drill, Reamer and Spot Facer Kit

Model: VGS-20956

Make: Sunnen

Air Valve Guide Drivers

Model: VGS-20964

Make: Sunnen

Seat Pocket Cutter Kit

Model: VGS-300

Make: Sunnen

Valve Seat Driver Kit

Model: VGS-20960

Make: Sunnen

Adapter for 1” ball head


Make: For various makes

Honing Head & Stones

Model: M27 J55 & M27 J45

Make: Sunnen

Toolsetting Micrometer

Model: J40

Make: Baker