PEG Automotive Machines

PEG is a brand synonymous with valve seat grinders as well as useful machine tools and equipment for the reconditioning of cylinder heads. The accuracy and reliability of their machinery make them a world leader in this sector.

Manual Cutting System for Valve Seats

Model: FM1

Manual portable system for cutting valve-seats. It allows you to restore with only one operation the valve seat angles; remove the valve seat and increase the counter bore of the valve seat ring.

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Valve Refacer

Model: RV 3000

The RV3000 valve refacer has a double “V” operation, instead of the traditional use of pliers or chucks and gives very accurate results. The unique valve locking system can be applied on a wide range of engines.

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Cylinder Head Work Station

Model: BM

The BM Cylinder Head Workstation has 3 functions in 1: valves pneumatic disassembling; valve seat reconditioning and valves pneumatic assembling. You can also simply lock the cylinder head to the rotary stand by means of two fast clampers in order to do the following operations: valves disassembling, seat reconditioning and reassembling.

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Boring Tool

Model: PEG 25-50

The PEG 25-50 boring tool is specially designed for use on aluminium cylinder heads with “cast-in” camshaft bearings. The tool will rebore camshaft bearing surfaces to any size with precision alignment, on warped cylinder heads or when the bearing surface must be filled or welded. It can be used on a wide range of cylinder head types.

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